Our Mission

To offer worldwide digitalization solutions in order to reach complete industrial revolution 4.0.

Our Vision

Building a Worldwide IoT/SaT network accessible to everyone for a better sustainable future.


Slide IoT/Sat Fixed Station Omni ✓ Compatible with a wide variety of sensors
✓ Real-Time Asset Tracking
✓ Remote Monitoring & Control
✓ Predictive Maintenance
Tee The leading wireless network for digitalizing isolated areas with IoT/Sat connection Download datasheet
Slide IoT/Sat Mobile Station Mobili ✓ Mobile asset tracking
✓ Geofencing
✓ Remote Monitoring & Control
✓ Predictive maintenance
Tee The mobile wireless network for digitalizing means of transport & logistics Download datasheet
Slide IoT/Sat Standalone Device HIo ✓ Parameters measurements
✓ Real-Time Alerts
✓ Remote Control
Sense The next generation of integrated satellite solution for worldwide monitoring Download datasheet
Slide IoT/Sat Mobile Device HIo ✓ Tracking
✓ Geofencing
✓ Real-Time Alerts
Track The next generation of integrated satellite solution for worldwide asset tracking & geolocation Download datasheet


Access to a Worldwide IoT/Sat Network for a complete Industrial Revolution 4.0


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