With HIoTee's solutions, you can increase production and improve the quality of foodstuffs in the most isolated areas, while enhancing sustainability.

A few examples of applications

Monitoring and managing livestock

  • Monitor the health of the livestock
  • Secure and monitor any risks of poaching, herd loss or accidents

Monitor weather and environmental conditions

  • Alert in case of bad weather
  • Detect smoke and warn in the case of fire
  • Enables faster, more accurate decision-making

Optimise the production process

  • Monitor energy consumption and save resources by analysing actual needs
  • Evaluate harvest capacity and anticipate stock levels
  • Control irrigation and fertilisation

Monitoring equipment performance

  • Predictive maintenance : detecting breakdowns, tyre punctures, etc.
  • Monitor fluid levels

Secure infrastructure and equipment

  • Locating equipment by satellite
  • Monitoring and limiting entry and exit
  • Detection and alerts in the case of loss or theft

Supervising and monitoring machinery and logistics

  • Real-time fleet management
  • Analysis of fuel consumption to optimise costs

Sounds familiar to your needs/challenges ?