Monitor and track your assets to access crucial information on the high seas

A few examples of applications

Smart port

Controlling port traffic

  • Management of port entrances and exits using geofencing
  • Intrusion alerts
  • Remote monitoring and control

Digitalising ports

  • Predictive maintenance of equipment using monitoring sensors
  • Anticipate operations thanks to real-time monitoring
  • Optimise logistics operations to save time

Smart boating

Monitoring and remote control

  • Tracking of boats using satellites
  • Measurement of parameters (temperature, CO2, fire, etc.
  • Predictive maintenance : preventing failures in order to intervene before a breakdown occurs

Real-time alerts

  • Prevent collisions with other boats, rocks, etc.
  • Control speed to comply with regulations
  • Geofencing to manage port entrances and exits

Smart navigation

Optimise logistics flows and performance

  • Real-time geolocation
  • Anticipate arrival times to facilitate operations
  • Predictive maintenance : prevent engine oil or fuel leaks

Tracking and safety of goods

  • Identification and location of high-value goods
  • Monitoring containers using various sensors (cold chain, humidity level, etc.)
  • Detection of incidents on ships

Case study

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