Transport & logistics

HIoTee accompanies you in tracking mobile asserts all over the world

A few examples of applications​

Fleet management

  • Manage all types of vehicles efficiently
  • Centralise equipment monitoring (of different brands) in single platform

Improving the efficiency of the fleet

  • Estimate journey time by analysing arrival & departures
  • Optimise fuel consumption through intelligent data analysis

Predictive maintenance : Ensure continuous operations

  • Controlling the wear and tear of parts to reduce breakdowns and costs
  • Anticipate purchases to replace defective parts

Monitor different parameters

  • Monitoring of tyre pressure, oil levels, etc.
  • Monitoring of vehicle speed

Pre-define access zones with geofencing

  • Sending alerts when the machine is out of zone
  • Define/modify/cancel zones remotely

Tracking moving materials

  • Monitor refrigerated container temperatures
  • Alerts in case of theft, loss or detachment

Sounds familiar to your needs/challenges ?