Improve the distribution of electricity and water while ensuring quality of service

A few examples of applications

Smart utilities

Control and management of gas

  • Improve productivity with real-time data sensors
  • Monitor temperature and pressure variations
  • Detect gas leaks

Improve water distribution

  • Monitor and automate water meters
  • Detect and prevent water leaks
  • Monitor customer consumption and anticipate demands

Electricity management

  • Monitor production and/or consumption
  • Automate meter reading
  • Detect and alert in the case of fraud, leaks or theft of electricity

Improve our environment

Monitoring and water management

  • Monitoring the availability and level of groundwater and surface water
  • Measuring and monitoring water quantity and quality

Optimise soil quality

  • Analyse soil humidity and temperature
  • Measure vibrations

Improve air quality

  • Measure the amount of CO2 in the air
  • Prevent pollution peaks

Sounds familiar to your needs/challenges ?