Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWER : The Internet of Things (IoT) allows a physical object to give various informations to another object or to the Internet itself, thanks to the interconnection between the Internet and the objects. IoT makes physical objects (things) smarter thanks to data received by the Internet.
ANSWER : IoT/Sat network is a network of connected objects through satellite communication.
ANSWER : The HIoTee End-to-End solution provides you a single point of contact, offering a complete service, from the choice of sensors to the supervision interface, site design, installation, commissioning and data’s storage in the cloud.
ANSWER : With the Two-Way solution, you can receive and send information on your assets. Main benefit is to controle remotely your assets.
ANSWER : Yes, predictive maintenance is being able to anticipate a potential equipment failure or breakdown before it happens, by measuring permanently different parameters from sensors. Thus, you receive alerts directly on your supervision platform.
ANSWER : No, it is not an obligation to host datas in our servers in order to use our products. You can easily host the datas in your own servers.
ANSWER : No, it is not an obligation, we can provide you an API that will allow you to link the data with your own application.
ANSWER : Regarding the « base station » product range : OmniTee and MobiliTee, our on-site radio expertise is needed to optimize the IoT/Sat network. For the range of « individual products » : HIoTrack and HIoSense, it is quite possible to install them yourself using the installation manual.
ANSWER : For pricing, we advise you to contact us directly through mail to get a clear answer that is adapted to your needs.