HIoTee solutions for your smart mining IoT projects

A few examples of applications

Monitoring and control of mining equipment.

  • Detect failures in mining equipment using monitoring sensors
  • Collect telemetry data remotly to reduce on-site operations

Monitoring weather and environmental conditions on remote mine sites.

  • Collect and transmit data from a weather station
  • Telemetry of water flow and quality

Improve worker safety.

  • Improving operational safety with geofencing alert
  • Tracking and motion detection for lone workers

Improving the mining fleet efficiency.

  • Tracking and monitoring of mining machines and vehicles
  • Detect & alert exits/entries in areas prohibited by geofencing

Predictive maintenance : avoiding breakdowns and stoppages of mining equipment.

  • Measure vibration and temperature parameters
  • Measure battery level and optimise operation hours

Monitoring the different parameters in a mining machine.

  • Monitor weight, pivoting, lifting, pushing & propulsion systems
  • Anticipating malfunctions to extend the life cycle

Weighing of ores on dump trucks

  • Measuring the weight of ores during loading, transit and unloading

Monitoring & tracking of dump trucks

  • Tracking of the truck and continuous monitoring of the weight along the route
  • Alerts in case of cargo weight changes

Sounds familiar to your needs/challenges ?