Oil & Gas

With HIoTee solutions : digitalise the most isolated areas to increase safety and productivity

A few examples of applications

Site surveillance and security

  • Use geofencing to define entry and exit zones
  • Supervise the functioning of pumps, pipes, etc.

Risk management

  • Monitoring weather and environmental conditions
  • Alert in case of earthquake, seism

Predictive maintenance

  • Anticipate upcoming failures and breakdowns
  • Detect leaks and prevent fire risks
  • Analyse the condition of vehicles

Reduce transport and logistics costs

  • Reduce fuel/energy consumption through real-time data analysis

Tracking and safety of oil transports

  • Real-time vehicle geolocation
  • Transport tracking to avoid loss, theft, accidents, ect. 

Employees safety

  • Tracking of persons
  • Detection in the case of entry into dangerous areas

Sounds familiar to your needs/challenges ?