Optimizing processes to increase productivity, improve workers safety and reducing the environmental impact is the main priority of Mining 4.0. Your business expertise, coupled with our unique technology will result in a significant gain in productivity. Smart Mining is relevant for every step: planning, operation, monitoring and security. Our innovative solutions give end-to-end traceability, and an overview of all your projects. Our technology provides a turnkey solution, from sensors to data access.

Safety of Personnel

By working in environments that are affected by meteorological conditions, workers in the Mining sector are exposed to risks on a daily basis. It is essential to ensure their safety and many companies are aware of the necessity to reduce direct human interactions during operations, due to numerous accidents. Our innovative solutions are designed to geolocate and provide an efficient solution in case of emergency, especially in white zones.

Process Optimization

Our flexible technology enables you to plan and anticipate asset and human needs. By ensuring communication between machines, connected objects and humans, you will have real-time visibility on your ongoing operations around the world. We have fully designed an end-to-end solution to understand and control each step of your projects. Through our comprehensive services, you will be able to anticipate potential equipment failures or any other difficulties encountered on site, such as serious environmental consequences or alarming production delays.

Always a step ahead

Our services give you remotely real-time access to all your resources in isolated areas. Thanks to intuitive and user-friendly software, it has never been easier to get a better understanding. We collect and secure data to bring you informations for the highest accuracy. The precision and prediction provided by our services will significantly increase the productivity of mining activities, save costs and time. Our innovative solutions can bring new life to your projects where the theory meets the reality.

Towards sustainable Mining

Adopting a sustainable approach is one of the crucial challenges today and applies to all types of industries. International agencies and organizations, as well as governments are issuing new regulations. It is essential to anticipate these significant changes. The Mining sector is often considered as one of the most polluting, so our objective is to measure and limit this impact with our unique technology. For example, environmental sensors can be installed to evaluate water or air quality. An adapted response can be provided to limit the consequences on the environment.